Intel 8008 Information

For anyone interested... Here is some documentation I have gathered on the Intel 8008 microprocessor. The project to implement a functioning 8008 computer currently stands at level 26, in my queue of things I'd like to build. In this Dropbox folder you will find: 8008 User Manual 8008 Data Sheet Cutting from "The Intel 8008… Continue reading Intel 8008 Information

WiFi Camera

I am closing on the completion of a "contract" to create a set of three WiFi camera enclosures. The electronics consist of a Raspberry Pi Zero W, and a Pi Camera with IR LEDs. The 3D printed parts were to provide a protective enclosure for the camera and to attach the Raspberry Pi to a… Continue reading WiFi Camera

Inter-Processor Comms

Below please find links to information on using I2C and SPI to communicate between Arduinos and RPis. There are others and I'll post as able. I2C SPI