Robot Shop/ Infrastructure

So… I can’t seem to get a way from it. Therefore I will formalize it. Kinda like an “Undocumented Feature.” While robot development is moving forward, it does so ever so slowly. Partially due to work in building up the “shop.”

Over the past months I have been acquiring lab equipment and materials. Some donated to this (somewhat) worthy cause. Some unearthed in the HORDING SPACE, which is our basement. A kind friend has put a sweet Anatek dual power supply on my desk, which now augments my modified battery eliminator. From the basement, I have uncovered a Wavetek signal generator and a Fluke frequency meter. Both acquired from a surplus equipment sale (circa 1990s). Both ancient but serviceable.

Battery Eliminator

Test Leads
Ancient Tools of the Trade

I’ve built a solder dispenser, a network cable continuity tester, and an tray agitator for PCB etching.

Solder Stand
Solder Dispenser

Cable Tester

2018-12-13 10.39.40
Etching Agitator

And DIY programming tools for the ATtiny85 and ESP-01 (ESP 8266)

2019-03-18 10.57.53
ATtiny85 Programmer

ESP-01 Programmer



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