Get to Git

In preparation to dig deep into programming Rover II, I decided to implement a popular content management system (Git). The concept is simple (Track changes to your code and be able to back out a change if it breaks every thing). It also enable you to share and collaborate on code development. I was luck to take this task on, at this time, as the publication MagPi had recently published an article the setup process. Issue 59 (page 42) has a walk through that, if followed closely, will get you going.

I won’t go into the details here, but will restate that you need to follow the MagPi instructions accurately. As is my way, part way through the process I started to say to myself, “This is bird easy. What if I change things a little.” well that then took me a week of adding and removing my code repositories and even the directories on my RPi. With the assistance of my son and a lot of key pushing, I was able to pull things back together.

One of the things you will have to choose is a remote repository. I went with GitHub as google will find both Git and Git hub with a few key strokes 🙂 If you want to see how I’ve set up my repositories go to

For other Git info, check out:

Well, now to continue on the design details and deep dig into the coding.


1 thought on “Get to Git”

  1. Actually, it is a version handling system, not a content manager. Even though you can use git as such, and even share huge files between many computers (git-annex addition to git).

    But yes, git or other good source code version handling system are an absolute need when developing software. Even if one would work alone. So good choice there.


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