Rover II – Mobility

Was a long wait for shaft couplers and mounting hardware, but it's in and mounted. Rover II has it's feet. Gave it a very brief road test and it rolls, but will need to construct the bumper before any serious seaworthiness testing can start. Encoder Covers Update (2018-04-12): The above shows the two 3D printed… Continue reading Rover II – Mobility

Rover II – Components Layout

Made decent progress with the actual sensor layout. Still have lots to do, of course. Really loving working with the Sintra. I had to reorder the 3mm-4mm couplers this morning. My bad. I did some messy metric to imperial conversion. On the bright side, I did find a new vendor (ServoCity) that has exactly what… Continue reading Rover II – Components Layout

Rover II

OK., decision made... No more toy motors and fighting to get makeshift encoders working. Bought four FIT0483's from DigiKey they should be in tomorrow. Society of Robots helped with the selection. Not a cheap solution but a workable one. Started working on the concept for Rover II. Three Tiers. Bottom tier is for batteries and motor… Continue reading Rover II