Rover II – Admin Console

Admin console is wired up and programmed, with the help of Adafruit directions. Hopefully this will be the last of the Python programming. I hope to complete the Raspberry Pi coding in C++. Maybe I’ll have some time to go back later and re-write enough of the BC library to implement the LCD in C++

*(HA! Like there will be more time later.)

The LEDs are addressable RGB, and will be controlled by an Adafruit 5V Trinket. The Trinket is is the same that is used for the power up/shut down, described in my last post.

Also… I just got back from the Imagine Space at the Ottawa Public Library with the new, freshly etched, acrylic base for tier 3. Looks real snazzy. At least much better than the one I slashed together with knife and dremel. Nice clean cuts and I tried out etching a motto on the top. It says “No Time Too Loose.” And yes, it makes little sense.




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