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The following was my grand plan, as I started into my robotics adventure.

Title: An Autonomous Mining Collective

The objective is to build a multi-robot tag-team that will explore new landscapes, discover, and recover valuable materials. My grander idea is to get others involved in contributing to this enterprise. To take a collaborative approach to achieving the goal.  Maybe competitions (not unlike FIRST) where fully autonomous robot teams work to a common goal, each contributing their own part towards completing the required tasks.

Anyway… the plan…

In the first sprint we will build an Explorer. The purpose to identify general suitability of the “Planet,” to roam, map, monitor, and report on terrain and environment.

Second – Prospector – add to explorer capabilities to more accurately survey, via astronavigation and identification of potential ore sites.

Third – Assayer – Travels to the identified potential ore sites to assay the opportunity, to qualify the identified deposits and then direct Harvester to the superior deposits.

Forth – Harvester – Moves to deposits and extracts valuables


Navigator – Working from the team’s map, this robot will attempt to run a course in minimal time.

Tanker – Supports other robots with power recharges.

Transporter – Moves acquired goods from Harvester to Home Base.

Defender – Protects others from other mining con-gloms and their minions.

Tow – Tug boat type robot to help robots out of jams.

General Concepts/Ideas/Oopsies :

Mapping: Map data can/will be acquired by most robots and forwarded to a central database. This mapping data is to be shared with all robots of the collective.

General Concepts/Ideas/Oopsies :

  • Mapping: All mapping data will be shared, via radio signaling, with other collective robots. This is expected to allow for quicker and more accurate mapping of the area. Still working on the format of the map, but the concept of having the Arduino collect the navigation data and forward it to the Raspberry Pi via I2C via vectors is planned.
  • Astronavigation: Surveyor will have the capability to triangulate off of two “stars” of known 3D coordinates. These stars could be single unshaded light bulbs. As I have recently acquired a pair of Crayola Digital Light Designers, I may attempt to convert these into my stars. One of the tasks of Surveyor would be to identify and map other stars, to assist in astronavigation.


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