Rover II – Mobility

Was a long wait for shaft couplers and mounting hardware, but it’s in and mounted. Rover II has it’s feet. Gave it a very brief road test and it rolls, but will need to construct the bumper before any serious seaworthiness testing can start.

Undercarriage, showing mounted motors, 3mm to 4mm shaft couplers, support bearings, and toy wheels.
Encoder Covers

Update (2018-04-12): The above shows the two 3D printed covers that I designed with Tinker Cad and printed off at the Ottawa Public Library at their Imagine Space. While the motors did have plastic covers over the metal housings, there was nothing to protect the encoders.

Bottom tier, showing access to motor electronics and the 14.8 volt LiPo battery.

Third tier in place but unpopulated

In the last and next pic you can see that I’ve added a flame sensor to the top of the IR sensor assembly.

Flame sensor detail





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